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Welcome to Physics One by Uddhika S Kumara

Uddika S Kumara
Advanced Level Physics

Welcome to the website of no. 01 physics class, conducted by Uddhika S Kumara. This is the most reliable physic class this time in Sri lanka. The class provide students theory based knowledge with laboratory facilities. Series of continues pre-test every year is in remarkably best meet the needs of all the different groups of students. These exam targeted pre-tests are very popular among the students of southern province. Almost all the students who reached higher level in A/L examination in matara distric have fallowed these tests.

This website will provide you with number of facilities towards your success in examination. Result of your pre-tests will be released via online, also you can yourself analyse your past result by log on. You will be further able to aware of modern physics, astronomy and cosmology and up to date knowledge of physics.

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2018 A/L (Bio)
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2017 A/L (Bio)
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2016 A/L (Bio)
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2014 A/L (Bio)
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A/L Year Type Date & Time
Dakuna 2020 A/L Revision Thursday 7.30 AM - 5.00 PM
Paper Class Friday 7.30 AM - 1.30 PM
2021 A/L Theory Wednesday 1.30 PM - 5.00 PM
Theory Sunday 1.00 PM - 4.00 PM
Theory Friday 1.30 PM - 5.00 PM
2022 A/L Theory Sunday 8.00 AM - 12.00 PM
Theory Wednesday 8.00 AM - 12.00 PM
Sathra 2022 A/L Theory Saturday 8.00 AM - 12.00 PM


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